How green is your home?

See how green your home is today with tips on how to improve it in just 3 easy steps!

Avoid future energy bills

Our homes need more energy and suppliers’ prices keep going up. Produce your own energy and avoid future bills with a Greenscore system optimised for your home.

Be the best on your street

More and more people are installing renewable energy systems, such as solar panels. Show your street how it’s done, go green and reduce your bills.

Make your home zero carbon

Our homes are 30% of the average carbon footprint in the UK. With fully optimised Greenscore solar and Switchd you can hit zero carbon!

How does GreenScore work?

We start by understanding what's important to you. We analyse your property, energy & usage profile to design the optimum system for you

This analysis includes what your energy will be with and without the system.

Then you can choose from a range of payment & financing options, including no up front cost so that you can personalise your energy plan.

Finally, set a date for your installation and start seeing the environmentally friendly savings roll in!

See how green your home is and start saving money on your monthly bills

"I saved over £100/month with GreenScore"

I'm actually looking forward to getting a bill that I'm happy about as well as being able to say that I'm producing my own energy! The sales rep, Tom, was trustworthy, knowledgeable and honest about what would and wouldn't work for me.
Ultimately it was a quick and easy decision that felt like a no-brainer!

Mark, London

Testimonial - Mark

See how green your home is and start saving money on your monthly bills